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Using Online Help

Using Online Help


EnterpriseOne provides two types of online help:

• Item-level or field-level help

• Application-level or task-level help


Item-level or field-level help is a description of a particular field or button. For example, the field-level help for the Address Number field is “A number that identifies an entry in the Address Book system.”


Application or task level help is available by accessing the online documentation library. Application-level or task-level help is a step-by-step explanation of how to complete a task, such as “Entering a Sales Order.” For this example, the task-level help for the “Entering a Sales Order” task would describe the various steps you perform to enter a sales order such as understanding the sales order entry process, entering processing options values for the sales order entry programs, and entering values in different fields on the sales order entry forms.


In this task, you will access both field-level help and application-level help in EnterpriseOne.

Step Action
You can access help directly from a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne programs.

Navigate to the Address Book Revisions program (P01012).

Click the Fast Path button.

Click the Help option.

Click the About option.

The system displays a window with application information, form information and other.

The information is provided in three sections:

• The first section provides information about the application.

• The second section provides the name of the form in which you are working.

• The third section provides information about the current release of EnterpriseOne.

Step Action
Next, you will access application-level help.

Click the Help button.

The system displays a separate window with all available online documentation for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Step Action
Click the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2 Documentation link.

Step Action
You can search for keywords within a specific library.

Click in the Search field.

Step Action
Enter the desired information into the Search field. Enter “Address Book“.
Click the Search button.

The system displays all the locations in various guides that contain your search criteria. You can click the desired link from the search results on the search page.

Step Action
Next, you will learn about the item-level help. You can use item-level help to view information about particular elements or fields on a screen.

Click the Item Help button.

A system message appears informing you that item-level help is active.

Click the OK button.

When item-level help is on, a question mark appears next to your pointer. Place the cursor in the field to access the information on it.

Note that in this simulated environment, the question mark pointer does not show.

Click in the Help field.

The system displays the Item Help window with the information about the field.

Step Action
Click the Help button.

Click the Item Help button again to turn it off.

Click the Item Help button.

Click the Close button.

You have successfully accessed both field-level help and application-level help in EnterpriseOne.

End of Procedure.

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