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After entering sales orders, you print order acknowledgments and picking documents to identify the items on an order that need to be shipped to the customer.

You set up a status code for each of the steps in the sales order process using order activity rules. The system uses these codes to track the status of an order within the sales order process. For example, an order that has a pick slip printed has a status code of 540.

You can set up as many status codes as the company needs to complete the sales order process. For example, you can set up an additional status code for credit approval between sales order entry and printing pick slips.

You can also bypass steps in the processing cycle by manually advancing the status code on order lines. This is helpful if you have customers who come to the warehouse and purchase items directly. After you enter their orders, you can bypass the order acknowledgment and picking documents steps.

Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Understand order acknowledgments and picking documents.
  2. Generate order acknowledgments.
  3. Print pick slips.