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Revising Posted Vouchers

Revising Posted Vouchers


You can revise a voucher after it is posted but before you pay it. For example, you might need to add lines to the G/L distribution. You might also need to void it.


The system maintains an audit trail when you change a posted voucher by using document type PE (change in gross amount) for the new transactions that adjust the posted transactions. The system stores the new transaction in the Accounts Payable Ledger table (F0411).


You cannot change the following key fields: Document Number, Document Type, Document Company, Supplier Number, G/L Date, Company, and G/L Offset.


Company and G/L Offset become key fields when a voucher is posted. To change the information in one of these key fields, perform one of the following actions:

• Void and re-enter the voucher.

• Copy the voucher and change the appropriate fields on the new voucher before you accept it, and then void the original.


Any change to a voucher on a voucher entry form reopens the batch and requires you to repost the batch. Consider using Speed Status Change program (P0411S) to change information that does not change the G/L distribution, such as the due date. The Speed Status Change program does not reopen the batch.


If you make certain types of changes, the system changes the batch status from posted to unposted. You must post the batch again. This is true if you:

• Change the total gross amount for the voucher.

• Change the number of vouchers in a batch.

• Change a journal entry.


If you must post the batch again, you might need to approve the batch before you post it. You must do this if the default entry status for the original voucher was pending.


In this task, you will revise a posted unpaid voucher.

Step Action
Navigate to the Standard Voucher Entry program (P0411) from the Supplier & Voucher Entry menu (G0411).

Click the Supplier & Voucher Entry link.

Click the Standard Voucher Entry link.

Use the Supplier Ledger Inquiry form to create, review, or edit a voucher.

Step Action
Use the Supplier Number field to enter a user defined number that identifies an address book record.

Enter the desired information into the Supplier Number field. Enter “4343“.

Click the Find button.

Select the document number record.

Click the 21 option.

Click the Select button.

Use the Enter Voucher – Payment Information form to enter voucher information.

Step Action
Click in the Gross Amount field.

Enter the desired information into the Gross Amount field. Enter “1450“.
Click the OK button.

Use the G/L Distribution form to enter or to review detail about the voucher’s GL distribution, such as tax and subledger information.

Step Action
Click in the Account Number field.

Enter the desired information into the Account Number field. Enter “1.2060“.
Click in the Amount field.

Enter the desired information into the Amount field. Enter “-95“.
Click in the Account Number field.

Note that the Remaining field is blank. This indicates that the remaining amount is zero.
Click the OK button.

Refresh the form to review the revised amount.

Step Action
Click the Find button.

Note that the gross amount for the revised voucher has changed.
Click the Close button.

You have successfully revised a posted unpaid voucher.

End of Procedure.

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