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Purging Electronic Receipts

Purging Electronic Receipts


To improve processing time and conserve system disk space, purge the receipts that you transferred from the bank to the Accounts Receivable system. You can specify which records the system purges by setting a processing option.


After the system completes the purge process, you might want to defragment the affected tables and rebuild the table indices. Contact your database administrator for more information about this process.


The system removes records from the Electronic Receipts Input table (F03B13Z1) only.



In this task, you will purge electronic receipts.

Step Action
Navigate to the Purge Electronic Receipts program (R03B0041A) on the Automated Receipts Processing menu (G03B13).

Click the Automated Receipts Processing menu.

Click the Purge Electronic Receipts menu.

Use the Available Versions form to select a version of the batch program. In your work environment, the system might display additional versions.

Step Action
Click the ZJDE0001 option.

Click the Select button.

Use the Version Prompting form to access data selection and data sequencing for the batch program.

If the Data Selection or Data Sequencing options are disabled, you cannot review or change the data selection or sequencing for the version.

Step Action
Click the Data Selection option.
Click the Submit button.

Use the Data Selection form to specify which records the system should retrieve from the database and include in the report.

Step Action
Click the OK button.

Use the Processing Options form to set parameters for how a batch program processes data. Processing options are unique to a version. You should review processing options to ensure that the settings are correct.
Use the Purge Records to specify whether the system purges records in the F03B13Z1 table based on the data selection that you enter, regardless of the upload status. Values are:

• Blank: Purge the records that are specified by the data selection only when the value of the Upload Status field (EUPS) is Y.

• 1: Purge the records that are specified by the data selection regardless of the value in the Upload Status field.

Step Action
Click the OK button.

Use the Printer Selection form to identify printer information for the report. In your work environment, the printer settings will be different.

Step Action
Click the OK button.

Access and review the Purge Electronic Receipt Report.

Notice that the system purged one record.

You have successfully purged electronic receipts.

End of Procedure.

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