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Posting and Verifying Automatic Payments by Batch

Posting and Verifying Automatic Payments by Batch


After you update automatic payments to the Accounts Payable ledger and review and approve them, you can post them to the General Ledger. All JD Edwards EnterpriseOne post programs post to the General Ledger in the same way. There is only one post program for automatic payments.


When you post automatic payments to the General Ledger, the system creates payment disbursement entries and offset entries to the general ledger for the payable account. For positive payments, the system creates journal entries that debit the A/P trade account that was originally credited when the voucher was posted. This keeps the A/P trade accounts in balance.


When you post payments, the system creates the records in the Account Ledger table (F0911) with a posted code of P. Then the system updates the account balance information in the Account Balances table (F0902) and updates transactions in the Accounts Payable Matching Document Summary table (F0413) and Accounts Payable Matching Document Detail table (F0414) to D (posted).


You can set a processing option in the Work with Payment Groups program (P04571) to automatically post payments to the General Ledger after you update the A/P ledger.


In this task, you will post automatic payments and review the General Ledger Post report.

Step Action
Navigate to the Automatic Payment Review program (P0011) from the Automatic Payment Processing menu (G0413).

Click the Automatic Payment Processing link.

Click the Automatic Payment Review link.

Use the Work With Batches form to search for and select vouchers for review.

Step Action
Click the Find button.

Click the 8298 option.

Click the Row button.

Click the Post by Batch menu.

Use the Printer Selection form to identify printer information for the report. In your work environment, the printer settings will be different.

Step Action
Click the OK button.

Access and review the General Ledger Post report.
You have successfully posted automatic payments and reviewed the General Ledger Post report.

End of Procedure.

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