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When you want to audit a supplier’s transaction history, you can review the supplier’s ledger and payment information.


At different times during the accounts payable process, you might need to view voucher and payment information for a specific supplier. To do this, review the supplier ledger using the Supplier Ledger Inquiry form for information such as:

• Open amounts remaining on a voucher.

• Invoice, account, and purchase order information.

• Pay status or posted code for a voucher.

• Voucher detail and associated journal entry information.

• Payment history.


You might also need to view payment history for a supplier. To do this, select a row and select Payment History from the Row menu on the Supplier Ledger Inquiry form to review the following information:

• Payment detail and associated journal entry information.

• Payment summary information.

• A/P ledger information.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to: 

  1. • Review supplier ledger information.
  2. • Review voucher summary information.
  3. • Review voucher payment history.
  4. • Review payments and payment summary information.