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After you enter transactions into the system, you might want to review them before you post them to the general ledger. Additionally, depending on the settings in your constants, you might need to approve the batch. You use the same program to review transaction batches online; therefore, the process to review transactions and approve batches is the same, regardless of the system. The only difference between the various batch review programs is the default batch type that appears on the form, which you can override. You can review all batch types from any batch review program. Invoices and vouchers are two-sided entries: therefore, you can review the invoice or voucher, as well as the G/L distribution (journal entry).


If you use batch control, the system shows the differences between what you expect to enter and what you actually enter in a batch. The system displays the differences for both the input total and the number of documents. They are informational only.


If you do not use batch control, the system subtracts your actual entries from zero, resulting in negative amounts in the fields that display the differences. The differences that are displayed are informational only.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to: 

  1. • Understand the post process.
  2. • Review transaction batches.
  3. • Add transactions to a batch.
  4. • Approve transaction batches.
  5. • Post and verify a voucher transaction batch.