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Depending on your needs, you can enter either a standard voucher or a speed voucher.

Standard vouchers provide the most flexibility and options. With standard vouchers, you can :

• Create split payments.

• Set up recurring vouchers.

• Modify and delete entries.

• Specify from which bank account to pay.

• Assign an alternative payee.

With standard vouchers, you cannot e nter vouchers as quickly because you use two or more forms to enter voucher and general ledger information.

Speed vouchers offer less flexibility and fewer options than standard vouchers. However, they provide a quicker way of entering voucher and accounting information. With speed vouchers, you can :

• Enter vouchers quickly because you enter less information.

• Use one form to enter voucher and general ledger information.

With speed vouchers, you cannot :

• Locate an existing voucher.

• Override G/L bank account or G/L (class) offset.

• Modify or delete entries.

• Set up recurring vouchers.

• Create a payment schedule.

• Split payments.

• Assign an alternative payee.  

Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to: 

  1. • Understand vouchers entry.
  2. • Enter standard vouchers.
  3. • Enter speed vouchers.