Setting Up Payment Sequences

Setting Up Payment Sequences Concept The payment sequence option enables you to control the order in which your payments print. You can print payments in a sequence that is meaningful to your needs. For example, you might want payments to print in descending order by amount so that the largest payment amounts

Understanding the Automatic Payment Process Setup

Understanding the Automatic Payment Process Setup Concept You need to ensure that the basic setup required for automatic payment processing is complete to enable the system to run the automatic payment processes correctly. Procedure In this topic, you will review the automatic payment process setup. Step Action This flowchart lists the steps in processing automatic payments: The system

Entering a Multicurrency Manual Payment

Entering a Multicurrency Manual Payment Concept A foreign currency payment is a payment that is in the foreign (transaction) currency of the voucher. When you enter a foreign currency payment, the following criteria must be met for the system to process the payment: • The foreign currency of a payment must be the

Reviewing Multicurrency Vouchers

Reviewing Multicurrency Vouchers Concept You can use the Supplier Ledger Inquiry program (P0411) to review vouchers in both foreign as well as domestic currency amounts. To review vouchers in both domestic and foreign currency amounts, set the corresponding processing option on the Display tab for the Supplier Ledger Inquiry program.   Note: If you